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What do Home Care Providers in Staten Island, NY offer?

In the state of New York, Home Care is licensed as home health care by the New York State Department of Health. Home Health providers in Staten Island, NY, include a large variety of Staten Island services and trained professionals in the fields: nursing, health care, therapy, social work and medical equipment. As an alternative to institutional long term care, Long Term Home Health Care (LTHHC) Programs provide Nursing Home services to persons in their own homes or apartments. Elderly or disabled individuals are also eligible for the LTHHC Program if an assessment indicates that they are Nursing Home eligible and the services required will cost no more than a certain percentage of what those same services would cost if provided in a Nursing Home.

The Facts about Home Care in Staten Island, NY

Home Health Agencies offer services in the homes of senior or disabled people with temporary or chronic needs who cannot perform everyday tasks. Services can range from nursing care to assistance in shopping, meal preparation and other household functions, as well as bathing, grooming and feeding.

Staten Island, NY Home Care Agencies

There are many different Home Care providers in Staten Island that may fit you and your loved one's needs. Click below to view a list of the Home Care Options in Staten Island, NY. Home Care can be a manageable way for seniors to age gracefully in their homes and home health providers can offer a variety of health services and support services right in your loved one's home. Home care service plans can come in different options, such as weekly, daily or bi weekly visits.

The Area

Staten Island is a large city that is located in the state of New York and is one of New York City's five boroughs. Staten Island, NY also hosts several points of interest in the area, such as the Staten Island Zoo, the Staten Island September 11 Memorial and the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Staten Island, NY has a lot to offer you or your loved one and will surely provide you with all your needs.

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