Home Care in Lancaster, PA

What do Home Care Providers in Lancaster, PA offer?

Home Care services in Lancaster, PA, are classified in two LancasterPAdifferent categories. These particular categories include Home Health agencies and Home care Agencies and are licensed by The Pennsylvania Department of Health. Pennsylvania's Home Health Agencies provide skilled nursing services and at least one therapeutic service to elderly or disabled patients at their place of residence. Therapeutic services include home health aides, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and medical social services on a part time or intermittent basis. Pennsylvania's Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries provide non-skilled services to individuals in their homes or other independent living environments.

The Facts about Home Care in Lancaster, PA

In the state of Pennsylvania Home Heath agencies and Home Care Agencies provide two different forms of care. In both forms of care seniors have the option to choose from multiple home care schedules. A few of these schedules include weekly, daily and monthly home care visits. During the visit nurses and aides tailor there services to meet each seniors needs. 

Lancaster, PA Home Care Agencies

There are 30 different Home care providers in Lancaster that may fit you and your loved one's needs. Click to view a list of the Home Care Options in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When you or your loved one receives Home health care some of the services provided may include skilled nursing care services, speech therapy and other medical needs. Home care agencies also provide non-skilled nursing care such as counseling and companion services to help seniors receive care comfortably. Home cares' sole purpose is to give seniors the option to live comfortably in their home while receiving care services.

The Area

Lancaster is a quaint city located in the south central region of Pennsylvania. With its location in this particular region of the state Lancaster is surrounded by many other cites. A few of these cities include Roseville, Bausman, and Rohrerstown, PA. With Lancaster, PA being mostly known for its Dutch inspired culture, their are many local sites in the area including the Dutch Wonderland, The Landis Valley Museum and The National Watch and Clock Museum. The Lancaster, PA area will surely provide you and your loved one with all your needs.

Additional Senior Care Options in Lancaster, PA

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