Home Care in Frankfort, KY

What do Home Care Providers in Frankfort, KY offer?

Home Health Agencies / Services in the state of Kentucky are professional and para-professional services frankfortkyprovided by various disciplines through licensed and certified home health agencies in the patient`s home of residence, based on eligibility criteria. Home health agency are public agencies or private organizations that are licensed by the Kentucky Health Facilities and Health Services Certificate of Need and Licensure Board and are certified to participate as a home health agency under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. Home Health Care involves care and treatment provided by a Home Health Agency which is prescribed and supervised by a physician. The care and treatment shall include but not be limited to one or more of the following: 
1. Part-time or intermittent skilled nursing services provided by an advanced registered nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse; 
2. Physical, respiratory, occupational, or speech therapy; 
3. Home health aide services; 
4. Medical appliances and equipment, drugs and medication, and laboratory services, to the extent that such items and services would have been covered under the policy if the covered person had been in a hospital.

The Facts about Home Care in Frankfort, KY

Home care in Frankfort, Kentucky, is not limited to doctor ordered home health care. There are two other care options that can allow seniors to receive care services in their home. These care options include personal service agencies and mobile health services. Personal service agencies are in-home, attendant type care services that are intended to help seniors or those who are disabled/ ill meet their day-to-day activities. Personal services do not include medical, nursing or other health-related services. Mobile health services are another type of home care service that provides medical services in various locations and in some instances utilize a specially equipped vehicle such as a van, trailer or mobile home. These services include mobile diagnostic imaging and examination services, mobile treatment services, and any other medical or dental services provided through the use of a mobile vehicle or performed at various locations. 

Frankfort, KY Home Care Agencies

There are 8 different home care providers in Frankfort, KY that might fit you and your loved one's needs. Click or see below to view a list of the Home Care Options in Frankfort, KY. Home care can be a manageable way for seniors to age gracefully in their homes. Home care providers in Kentucky offer care services that a personalized to meet the individual's needs.

The Area 

Frankfort is the capital city of Kentucky and hosts a population of about 30,000. As the capital of Kentucky, this city hosts many sites and attractions in the area such as visiting the Old State House, The Kentucky State Capital and The Floral Clock. There are also many cities in close proximity to Frankfort such as Millville, Peaks Mill, Hatton and Alton, KY. In Frankfort there are also about 12 hospitals, medical complexes and medical centers in the area for you and your loved ones convenience.