Home Care in Elgin, IL

What do Home Care Providers in Elgin, IL offer?

Home care providers in Elgin, Illinois, provide a wide range of elginilhealth and social services delivered at home to persons recovering from an illness or injury, or persons who are elderly, disabled and/or chronically ill. In Elgin, IL, home care is licensed in two categories which are Home Health Agencies and Home Services Agency. Home Health Agencies & Care cover a broad range of services that are brought to a person in his or her own home, including: Part-time skilled nursing care, Part-time services of home health aides and homemakers (necessitated by a resident's poor health), Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Nutrition counseling and Medical supplies and equipment. Home Services Agencies are agencies that provide services directly, or acts as a placement agency, for the purpose of placing individuals as workers providing home services for consumers primarily in their personal residences. A home services agency does not include agencies licensed under the Nurse Agency Licensing Act, the Hospital Licensing Act, the Nursing Home Care Act, or the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act and does not include an agency that limits its business exclusively to providing housecleaning services. (HHCN-HSA)

The Facts about Home Care in Elgin, IL

Home care can be a manageable way for seniors or those who are ill/ disabled to receive care services while remaining in their home. Seniors who receive home care services plan their day to day activities and services with there aides. Seniors can also schedule out which days they need service from nurses and aides. A few examples of schedules that you or your loved one could request include daily, weekly, bi weekly, morning/ afternoon and monthly visits. 

Elgin, IL Home Care Agencies

There are 10 different Home Health or Home Services agencies in Elgin, IL that might fit you and your loved one's needs. Click or see below to view a list of the Home Care Options in Elgin, Illinois. Home Health Agencies in the state of Illinois provide "skilled services" to their patients. Some of the services include nursing, social services, and therapeutic treatments (physical, speech, occupational therapy).

The Area

Elgin, Illinois, is a large city located in the northern region of the state. Elgin is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago, IL and is near many other cities. A few of these cities include Campton Hills, Starks, Gilberts, Wayne and Sutton, IL. A few common points of interest while in the Elgin area include visiting The Elgin Symphony Orchestra, The Elgin History Museum and Bluff Spring Fen. With all of the sites and attractions in the area Elgin, IL will surely provide for you and your loved one.