Home Care in Alexandria, VA

What do Home Care Providers in Alexandria, VA offer?

Home care providers in Alexandria, VA, offer a wide variety of services provided to alexandriavasenior and disabled persons who may not need Nursing Facility Care, but require some assistance with their day-to-day health and personal needs while living at home. Home Care Services fall into two general categories: skilled and home support services. Skilled care is given under the general direction of a physical and occupational therapists. These services may include (but are not limited to): home dialysis; nutrition services (prescribed and adjusted diets); skilled nursing (prescribed by a physician); and therapy for specific problems such as: speech therapy, respiratory therapy (breathing), physical therapy (movement) and occupational therapy (managing household or work tasks). Home supportive services assist an individual in his or her desire to continue to live independently at home. These services include (but are not limited to): personal care (walking, bathing, dressing, assistance with eating etc); homemaker services (shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping); chore services (minor home repairs, heavy cleaning, and yard work); and home delivered meals to those unable to prepare meals themselves.provide a wide range of services that are delivered at home to seniors. 

The Facts about Home Care in Alexandria, VA

In Alexandria, Virginia, home care is provided to seniors who would like to receive care services while remaining in their home. Depending on the type of care needed seniors can choose from two levels of care, skilled care or home support services. Regardless of the type of care chosen, home care nurses and aides provide specialized care for each individual. 

Alexandria, VA Home Care Agencies

There are 67 different home care providers in Alexandria, Virginia that might fit you and your loved one's needs. Click or see below to view a list of the Home Care Options in Alexandria, VA. Home care providers in Alexandria offer a series of support services to seniors who need care but would like to remain at home. Those individuals who are ill/disabled or seniors may receive home care services such as medication dispensing, housekeeping and physical therapy in their own home.

The Area

Alexandria, Virginia, is a major city in the Washington D.C metropolitan area with a population over 150,000. A few other cities that are in close proximity to the Alexandria area include Arlington, VA, Annandale, VA and Groveton, VA. Located along the Potomac River, Alexandria also hosts an array of exciting things to do and visit such as George Washington's Mount Vernon, The Torpedo Factory Art Center, Gadsby's Tavern and Fort Ward. The area also boasts over 100 hospitals and specialized medical complexes for you and your loved one's connivence. 

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