Care Homes in Chester County, PA

What do Personal Care Homes in Chester County, PA mean to you and your loved one?

In Chester County, Pennsylvania, Personal Care homes are facilities that provide lodging, food and chestercountypasome support services to the elderly, ill or disabled. Residents of PCHs require less medical services than individuals living in Nursing Care Facilities. Typically, residents of PCHs need help with dressing, feeding, taking medications, mobility issues and finances. These communities are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

The Facts about Personal Care Homes in Chester County, PA

Personal Care homes are for seniors who may require assistance with daily life activities, but do not require the same medical services as someone in a nursing homes. These communities have a 24 hour trained healthcare professional on site at all times. Other states may have similar names to describe Personal care homes such as Adult foster care, Boarding homes, Family Care homes and Adult Family Homes.

The Communities

There are 212 Personal Care Homes in Chester County, Pennsylvania that may be a correct fit for you and your family. Click to view a list of the Personal Care Homes in Chester County. Most of the amenities that may be provided in these communities include daily meals, special dietary menus, medication management, individual housing units and garden and trail areas.

The Area

Chester County, Pennsylvania has a population nearing 500,000. The Chester County area hosts multiple cities such as West Chester, Malvern, Unionville, Oxford, Atglen, Elverson, New London Township and Valley Township. While in Chester County there are many things to do such as visiting Longwood Gardens, Brandywine River Museum and The American Helicopter Museum. The Chester County area is sure to meet the needs of you or your loved one.