Care Homes in Central, FL

What do Adult Family Care Homes in Central, FL mean to you and your loved one?

In Central Florida an Adult Family Care Home provides a full-time, family-type living arrangement Centralflin a private home for up to five elderly or disabled people who are not related to the owner. The owner lives in the same house as the residents and provides housing, meals, and personal services; however, services vary. Adult Family Care Homes are required to be licensed and inspected by the state of Florida.

The Facts about Adult Care Homes in Central, FL

Adult family care homes are private residences that provide housing, daily meals and personal care services. In adult family care homes these services are provided to older persons or seniors and disabled adults. Adult family care homes are limited to a maximum of five residents and are designed for seniors who do not need care on a 24 hour basis. Other states may have similar names to describe Adult Family care homes such as Adult foster care, Boarding homes, Family Care homes and Personal Care homes.

The Communities

There are 58 Adult Family Care Homes in Central Florida that may be a correct fit for you and your family. Click to view a list of the Adult Family Care Homes in Central Florida. These communities offer a home-like setting for seniors who need care in a low stress environment. Some of the amenities that may be provided in these communities include daily meals, furnished apartments, daily housekeeping and transportation to events or doctors appointments.

The Area

Central Florida covers a large portion of the state of Florida. This area of Florida houses a lot of popular cities, these include  Tampa, Lakeland, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, Daytona Beach and many more. While in the Central Florida area their are many things to do including visiting historical sites, beaches, coastal restaurants and more. The central Florida area houses many Adult Family Care Homes and is sure to meet the needs of you or your loved one.