Care Homes in Burleson TX

Residential Care Homes in Burleson, TX

Residential Care Homes, in the state of Texas, are where food and shelter are provided to four or more persons, unrelated to the owner. Personal care services, assistance with or supervision of the administration of medication, and minor treatment under the direction and supervision of a physician are provided as needed. Personal care services include assistance with feeding, dressing, moving, bathing, and more. Limited facilities are designated as Type A, Type B and Type C (also called Adult Foster Care facilities).

  • Type A facilities may only accept residents who are able to evacuate the premises unassisted, are able to follow directions under emergency conditions and do not require routine attendance during nighttime sleeping hours.
  • Type B facilities may accept residents who do not qualify for a Type A facility but only if these residents are not permanently bed fast.
  • Type C facilities are 4-bed facilities that meet the minimum standards and rules for enrollment in the DADS Adult Foster Care home program.

DADS (Department of Aging and Disability Services) inspects and regulates assisted living facilities. The department conducts routine inspections of licensed facilities and also conducts complaint investigations in these facilities.

Other states may have similar names to describe Adult Family Care Homes, such as Adult Foster Care, Boarding Homes, Family Care Homes or Personal Care Homes. There are many Care Home listings in Burleson for you and your loved one to choose from.

The Communities

Click to see Care Home options in Burleson. These communities offer a home-like setting for seniors who need care in a low stress environment. Some of the amenities that may be provided in these communities include: daily meals, furnished apartments, daily housekeeping and transportation to events or doctors appointments.

The Area

Burleson is a small city in Johnson & Tarrant Counties, just south of Ft. Worth. It boasts a large hospital, a senior center, and many senior services and communities.

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Avalon Memory Care

7204 Highway 287 S
Arlington, TX 76001

Counties Served:
Tarrant, TX

Avalon is based on a foundation that the quality of life for an older person afflicted with Alzheimer's can be significantly improved by creating a confrontation free environment conducive to...

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Residential Care Home

Grandmother’s House

5601 Quail Lane
Arlington, TX 76016

Grandmother’s House is a happy one! It has long been our passion to provide a caring place for our frail elders. The owners, a retired nurse and wife team, and...

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Residential Care Home

Avalon Memory Care

1165 W Round Grove Rd
Lewisville, TX 75067

Counties Served:
Dallas, TX; Collin, TX

Avalon offers personalized care and services with a loving, people-oriented staff in our elegantly furnished homes located in single family residential neighborhoods throughout the metroplex. Our residents feel at home in...

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Residential Care Home