Assisted Living in Pittsfield, MA

What does assisted living in Pittsfield, MA mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one in Pittsfield, under the care of a Assisted Living in Pittsfield MAresidence that is certified by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs, means having the peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be in a secure, safe and comfortable home environment. These residential communities provide monitoring of residents, personal care, some medication dispensing and light housekeeping for your elderly or disabled family member. Assisted living residences in the state of Massachusetts provide personal care assistance in a homelike setting with an emphasis on the safety and overall well-being and care of each resident.

Popular Questions on Pittsfield Assisted Living

Is assisted living expenses covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

Traditionally, Medicaid will not cover the expense of room and board in an assisted living center. Medicaid may cover most of the care programs provided in an assisted living community like medication management, rehabilitation and treatment services. Most states offer health care waivers or monetary assistance packages that can help pay for housing expenses not included in Medicaid.

Typically, Medicare cannot be utilized to cover the expenses at an assisted living community. Medicare insurance is designed to cover temporary stays at hospitals or rehabilitation facilities and prescriptions and drugs that has a start and end date. For anybody who is forced into an assisted living center resulting from an incident or health issue, Medicare may insure your primary expenses if they’re suggested or prescribed by a physician.

Just how much does assisted living cost in Massachusetts?

In case you are curious about what you will need to have saved for assisted living expenses in Massachusetts, Genworth provides an estimate based on their annual survey of senior care communities in the US. Genworth estimates you need to be prepared to pay up to $5,495 a month for assisted living care services in Massachusetts.

Will the level of care offered typically differ by assisted living facility in Massachusetts?

When you take residence in an assisted living community, there are particular care services and programs that you can expect will be supplied. Each assisted living community is distinct and state legislation may require some states to provide services not offered in others. In many assisted living communities you should expect:

  • Assistance with Daily Life Activities
  • Meal Preparation and Dining Services
  • Medication Management
  • Exercise and Social Activites
  • Medical and Health Related Services

Which assisted living expenses are tax deductible?

Long term care services that are provided at assisted living facilities are tax deductible for individuals under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. To take advantage of these deductions occupants must be ready to make a list of the deductions. Unreimbursed medical expenses must surpass 7.5% of a taxpayers adjusted gross income. In some instances, housing fees may be 100% deductible in addition to individual care programs being deductible as well.

Do assisted living communities need to get a license?

Every single state requires all assisted living facilities to submit an application and acquire a license so that they can offer care and housing programs for seniors. Assisted living facilities aren’t allowed to open their doors to individuals until an assessment has been completed and a license has been provided. In addition to licensure, some centers may seek out accreditation once they are open and accreditors can observe the assisted living unit at work. While preparing to relocate into an assisted living unit it is important to read about the licenses, certifications, and accreditations the community maintains.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Pittsfield, MA

In the 1990s, assisted living as it is today originated as an alternative to elder care. These residential communities are for disabled elders or seniors, who do not need the 24-hour medical care and supervision provided within a nursing home facility, and cannot live independently. Life in an assisted living residence in Massachusetts, can be described as an independent living with assistance in some daily activities. Other states may use similar terms to describe assisted living residences which include board and care, adult family homes and residential care facilities.

Pittsfiled, MA Assisted Living Communities

See below or click to view a list of the assisted living residences near Pittsfield that may be the right fit for you and your family. Assisted living residences around Pittsfield vary in sizes. These communities provide smaller residential care communities with a home-like setting to large and grand residences, all offering the same personalized care services for your loved one.

The Pittsfield Area

Pittsfield is a growing city located in western Massachusetts. Cities that surround Pittsfield include Lenox, Richmond, New lebanon, North Adams and more. Pittsfield houses many sites such as The Barrington State Company, Colonial Theatre, Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary and many restaurants. The city of Pittsfield will surely host fun for you and your loved one.

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