Assisted Living in Mesa, AZ

What does assisted living in Mesa, AZ mean to you and your loved one?

Having your loved one under the care of a community in Mesa, AZ mesaazthat is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Division of Assurance and Licensure, means having the peace of mind knowing that they will be in a secure environment. Assisted living facilities and adult foster care homes in Arizona are residential care institutions, that provide supervisory care services, personal care services and/or directed care services on a continuous basis. In the state of Arizona communities that offer residential units to ten or fewer residents are called Assisted Living Homes. Arizona also houses communities with eleven or more residents and these are considered Assisted Living Centers. These residences provide individual health and personalized care services in a homelike setting with an emphasis on independent and comfortable daily living.

The Facts about Assisted Living in Mesa, AZ

In the 1990s assisted living care initiated as an alternative for eldercare. These communities are for seniors who cannot live autonomously, and do not need the 24 hour supervised critical care provided by a nursing home staff. Life in an assisted living residence can be described as an independent lifestyle, with some assistance in daily life activities. Other states may use similar terms to describe assisted living which include personal care homes, adult groups homes and congregate care.

Mesa, AZ Assisted Living Communities

There are 196 assisted living communities in Mesa that may be a correct fit for you and your family. See below or click to view a list of the assisted living communities in Mesa. Assisted living communities in Mesa vary in sizes. These communities range from small residences with a home-like setting to large grand-like communities, all offering the same personalized care services for your loved one.

The Area

Mesa is a suburban city located in Maricopa county about 20 miles east of Phoenix. Cities that surround Mesa include Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler. The city of Mesa has a multitude of hospitals and medical complexes for you and your loved one. Mesa also houses many sites and attractions such as the Mesa Arts center, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Organ Stop Pizza and The Mesa Amphitheater.

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