Assisted Living in Kentucky

Is assisted living the best care option for you in Kentucky?

Figuring out the degree of care you or your loved one requires is a crucial first step. If you are searching for added support as you grow older but still want to keep a level of self-reliance, an assisted living community might be a great choice to suit your needs. Moving in to an assisted living community is a great option for seniors who happen to be having problems caring for themselves at home or if in-home care expenses get too expensive. With New LifeStyles you will discover information about each and every registered elder care service provider locally. The degree of care and supervision within assisted living communities in Louisville might be different compared to those at an assisted living care center in Lexington.

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What should you expect from an assisted living community in Kentucky?

Kentucky authorities check out licensed care providers regularly to ensure assisted living facilities are providing occupants with specific care services. Here is a number of care services that you’d anticipate finding with a lot of assisted living communities within the region.

  • Wellness Programs
  • Dining Services and Meal Prep
  • Health Services
  • Emergency Call Systems
  • Exercise and Social Activities

What is the average cost of assisted living in Kentucky?

The average price of assisted living services in Kentucky is $3,497 per month based on Genworth’s 2018 cost of care survey. The national average in the United states is around $4,000 each month for any single person to reside in an assisted living community. The places that reported many of the more expensive costs of care included Lexington and Louisville where larger cities like Bowling Green and Elizabethtown were right around average in the state.

Find more information on state licensing for senior communities in Kentucky with New LifeStyles.

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