Assisted Living in Connecticut

Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors looking for care in Connecticut have many options. Assisted living facilities in Connecticut are for seniors who require assistance with daily activities but do not need around the clock care and attention. In Connecticut, assisted living provides nursing services and assistance with activities of daily living to clients living within a managed residential community having supportive services that encourages clients primarily age 55 or older to maintain a maximum level of independence. Routine household services may be provided as assisted living services by the assisted living services agency or by the managed residential community. 

Average Cost of Assisted Living in Connecticut Assisted Living in Connecticut

The average monthly cost of residence at an assisted living facility in Connecticut was $4,950 according to a Genworth survey in 2016. Each year Genworth surveys senior living care providers to estimate the average cost of care in over 440 regions within the United States, including Connecticut. Costs associated with assisted living care grew at a rate between 4-5% last year. The average cost of assisted living care in Connecticut will vary based on the residence and location. Care in Southern Connecticut and close to Hartford tends to be higher than stays at assisted living facilities in Northern Connecticut. When looking for senior care, be sure you know what services and care are required for you or your loved one.

Medicaid for Seniors in Connecticut – Assisted Living Residence

In Connecticut, Medicaid, or Husky Health, will cover the cost of senior care for elderly and frail individuals with limited financial means. Connecticut's Medicaid program will also provide limited personal care at home. The state also offers Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid waivers. These waivers are intended to help people who would otherwise require nursing home care to remain living at home or in the community. 

To determine eligibility for Medicaid, or Husky Health, one must be a resident and at least 65-years-old, or under 65 and disabled. The asset limits are set at $1,600 for single persons and $2,400 for married couples. However, applicants with income less than 300% of the SSI Federal Benefit Rate should be eligible, as of 2016 - less than $2,199 a month. If you have questions about eligibility, New LifeStyles recommends you contact the Husky Health office directly. 

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