What do you use to build and track your marketing plan?

It’s the New Year again, a time when changing and improving not only yourself but your marketing plan is a must. One great way to keep your community on the up is to evaluate you marketing plan. How you organize your marketing strategies are important factors to keep you organized and on the right track for the year.  In some cases you may have decided that it is time to update your marketing plan, but you just don’t know where to begin. Here are a few suggestions on different ways other communities organize their marketing plans. 


In New York, NY at St. Johns Living, Marketing Director Jennifer Lesinski uses a detailed template to organize their marketing plan. This template combines their overall marketing plan as well as a work plan calendar. This detailed template can help staff to track not only their work but help others in the company understand the marketing activities that are used day to day.


At Christian Living Communities a simple marketing plan template is used, by Jill Hiller Director of Sales and Hospitality. This template has the community tasks in one column followed by the status of the task, who the task was assigned to as well as the start date, end date and the estimated and actual cost. This template is an easy way to keep track of the progress of your endeavors.



Whether you choose a detailed marketing plan template or to keep it simple, it is important to have an organized plan. If you would like a copy of either of these plans, email us at newlife@newlifestyles.com. What do you use to build and track your marketing plan?