How I Want to Spend my Golden Years


Welcome back to the Concerns & Advice series. This week we are featuring a blog from a member of the New LifeStyles family, who describes what kind of living community environment she would want to live in during her golden years. Stay tuned for next weeks post, where we will feature advice and tips on retirement living options, so you can enjoy those golden years.

Spending my ‘golden years’ in a senior living community is definitely an option I would consider, many years down the road, of course. But if I had to make that decision today, I would move to a part of the country with a refreshing four-season climate. The community would be surrounded by spectacular views. The tranquil and beautifully landscaped grounds offer a lake for recreation, walking trails and lush gardens. Who wouldn’t want the sights and sounds of nature all around? I am looking for a casual and relaxed retirement experience with the freedom to enjoy life and do all the things that matter most, at my leisure – living my life, my way.  

The resort-style property, located away from the congestion of city life, offers well-appointed, comfortable cottages and villas with private, personalized services. All the obvious amenities are available like housekeeping and maintenance, security features, dining choices, fitness and wellness options. If I choose to stay on campus, a common area is available to conduct business such as banking, a mail center, and salon, as well as entertainment facilities for varied programs and activities, etc. Comfortable indoor and outdoor gathering areas for socializing with family and friends. 

Yes, it all sounds cliche. At least for now, this is what I imagine I would want if I had to move today. Ask me again in ten or twenty years. I imagine the face of senior living will have evolved a lot by then and I too, may have a completely different take on how I want to spend my ‘golden years’.