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Wyoming Dept. of Health
Healthcare Licensing and Surveys
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Cheyenne, WY 82002
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Commission on Aging


Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Adult Day Care Centers Adult Day Care Adult Day Care is a congregate setting providing care for senior adults needing periodic supervision with services aimed at maintaining and restoring health, nutrition, speech and physical therapy.
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Facilities Assisted Living An Assisted Living Facility is a dwelling operated by any person, firm, or corporation engaged in providing limited nursing care, personal care and boarding home care but not habitative care, for senior persons not related to the owner of the facility.Level 1 facilities do not have a secure unit . Level 2 facilities have a secure unit and are required to meet all level 2 requirements specified or implied by these rules. The assigned level will be used for regulatory purposes only.
Boarding Homes Boarding Homes Boarding Home Care includes a dwelling or rooming house operated by any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of operating a home for the purpose of letting rooms for rent and providing meals and personal daily living care, but not habilitative or nursing care, for persons not related to the owner. A Boarding Home does not include a lodging facility or an apartment in which only room and board is provided.
Home Health Agencies Home Care A Home Health Agency is any group, public agency, private organization, or any individual who is primarily engaged in arranging for and directly providing intermittent skilled nursing services and at least one other therapeutic service to elderly or disabled persons at the clients’ residence.
Hospice Hospice Hospice Care includes services provided to the terminally ill individual, allowing him/her to remain at home with the family.
Nursing Homes or Facilities Nursing A Nursing Care Facility or Nursing Home is a facility which is currently licensed and certified to provide skilled nursing services and intermediate nursing services or intermediate nursing services only to elderly or disabled individuals.

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