State Licensing for Senior Communities and Care Services in Washington D. C.

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District of Columbia
Department of Health
825 North Capitol Street NE
Washington, DC  20002
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Office on Aging

Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Residence Assisted Living Residence An entity that combines housing, health, and personalized assistance, in accordance to individually developed service plans, for the support of individuals who are unrelated to the owner or operator of the entity.
Community Residence Facility Care Homes
A community residence facility provides a level of health care in a safe, hygienic, protective living arrangement for individuals who desire or require supervision or assistance because of physical, mental, familial, or social circumstances.
Home Health Agencies Home Care Home Health Agencies are services that help individuals function as independently as possible in their own homes. Home Health Care involves medically-oriented care, ranging from dressing changes by a trained, supervised aide, to physical, occupational, and speech therapy, education and self-care provided by a licensed professional.
Home Care Agency Home Care An agency, organization, or distinct part thereof, other than a hospice, that provides, either directly or through a contractuarl arrangement, a program of health care, habilitative or rehabilitative therapy, personal care services, homemaker services, chore services, or other supportive services to sick individuals or individuals with disabilities living at home or in a community residence facility. HHCN, HCA
Hospice Hospice Hospice Care is primarily engaged in providing care to terminally ill patients and their families. The services provided may include physician care, nursing, pain therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling, medical social services, medical supplies, and respite care.
Nursing Homes Nursing Nursing Homes are a 24 hour institution or distinct part of a 24 hour institution that is primarily engaged in providing nursing care and related services to residents who require medical or nursing care, or rehabilitation services for the rehabilitation of persons who are injured, elderly, disabled, or sick; and is not primarily for the care and treatment of mental diseases.

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