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South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
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State Commission on Aging

Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Community Residential Care Facilities Care Homes A Community Residential Care Facility offers room and board and which provides a degree of personal assistance for a period of time in excess of twenty four consecutive hours for two or more persons, 18 years old or older, unrelated to the operator within the third degree of consanguinity. Included in this definition is any facility (other than a hospital), which offers a beneficial or protected environment specifically for the mentally ill, drug addicted, or alcoholic, or provides or purports to provide any specific procedure or process for the cure or improvement of that disease or condition.
Day Care Facilities for Adults Adult Day Care Adult Day Care (Day Care for Adults) is a program of services from 4-14 hours daily in a community setting to support and encourage personal independence and promote social, physical and emotional well-being. Services are designed for adults who require partial or complete daytime supervision while their responsible relatives/caregivers are employed or otherwise need a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Adult Day Care services must be licensed and inspected by the State Department of Health and Environmental Control.
Home Health Agencies Home Care A Home Health Agency is a public, nonprofit, or proprietary organization, whether owned or operated by one or more persons or legal entities, which furnishes or offers to furnish Home Health Services. Home Health Services are those items and services furnished to an elderly or disabled individual by a Home Health Agency, or by others under arrangement with the Home Health Agency, on a visiting basis, and (except for point # 5 below) in a place of temporary or permanent residence used as the individual’s home as follows:
1. Part-time or intermittent skilled nursing care as ordered by a physician and provided by or under the supervision of a registered nurse and at least one other service listed below;
2. Physical, occupational or speech therapy;
3. Medical social services, home health aide services and other therapeutic services;
4. Medical supplies and the use of medical appliances;
5. Any of the foregoing items and services which are provided on an outpatient basis under arrangements made by the Home Health Agency with a hospital, nursing care facility, or rehabilitation center and the furnishing of which involves the use of equipment of such a nature that the items and services cannot be readily made available to the individual in his home, or which are furnished at such facility while the patient is there to receive such items or service, but not including transportation of the individual in connection with any such items or services.
Hospice Agencies Hospice Hospice is a program that helps to support a terminally ill patient’s physical and emotional needs. Counseling is also offered to family, friends, and caregivers throughout the illness and includes bereavement counseling.
In-Home Care Provider Home Care Primarily intended to assist an individual with an activity of daily living or in meeting a personal rather than a medical need, but not including skilled care or specific therapy for an illness or injury.
Nursing Homes Nursing A Nursing Home is an institution or facility defined for licensing purposes under law or pursuant to regulations for Nursing Homes promulgated by the Department of Health and Environmental Control, whether proprietary or nonprofit. This includes but is not limited to, Nursing Homes owned or administered by the State or a political subdivision of the State. Nursing Homes do not include habilitation centers for the mentally retarded or persons with related conditions.

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