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Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Adult Day Care Adult Day Care An Adult Day Care provides health, social support, and recreational services to elderly or disabled adults for more than four hours per day. Participants do not stay in the center overnight and continue to live in their own homes.
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Centers Assisted Living An Assisted Living Center is a home or establishment that may provide assistance with personal care, medications, and ambulation. Assisted Living Centers may also provide nursing supervision and intermittent or unscheduled nursing care. An Assisted Living Center cannot provide 24 hour skilled nursing care as is provided in a Nursing Facility (Nursing Home).
Companion or Sitter Services Home Care Non-Medical “Companion” or “sitter” means assistance with household tasks, shopping, meal preparation or planning, and provision of fellowship and other non-personal care for the individual including transportation, letter writing, socialization, and is intended to enable the individual to remain safely and comfortably in their place of residence in exchange for consideration.
Continuum of Care Facility Continuum of Care Facility The Continuum of Care Facility combines the services of a Nursing Facility with an Assisted Living Center or an Adult Day Care Center.
Home Health Agencies Home Care A Home Care Agency provides skilled care and personal care services to elderly or disabled clients in their residence. Skilled care includes services provided by a respiratory therapist and by other licensed personnel, including a registered or licensed practical nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or social worker.
Hospice Hospice A Hospice program provides supportive and palliative care to terminally ill patients. It is medically directed and nurse-coordinated. The physical setting may be a home, an institution, or a health facility.
Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Units Nursing Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Units (under the authority of a hospital license issued pursuant to the Public Health Code) provide services similar to a licensed Nursing Facility, but patients typically are admitted to the Skilled Nursing Unit directly from acute care. Medicare reimbursement policy drives the development and operation of these units, as virtually all patients are Medicare eligible.
Nursing Facility Nursing Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes) provide 24 hour skilled care related services for residents who require medical or nursing care. These facilities are licensed under the Nursing Home Care Act.
Residential Care Homes Residential A Residential Care Facility offers or provides residential accommodations, food service, and supportive assistance. A Residential Care Home may provide assistance with meals, dressing, bathing, and other personal needs, and it may assist the administration of medications. However, it cannot provide medical care.
Specialized Nursing Facilities for Alzheimer’s Residents Nursing Specialized Nursing Facilities for Alzheimer Residents provide services especially for senior patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

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