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State Commission on Aging

Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Assisted Living Applies to all assisted living facilities, any facility which is operated for the maintenance or care of two (2) or more adults who need or desire assistance with one (1) or more activities if daily living. This rule does not apply to the residence of an individual who maintains or cares for a maximum of two (2) relatives.
Skilled Nursing Care Nursing Skilled Nursing Care is provided on a continuing twenty-four hour basis and shall maintain or improve physical, mental and psychosocial well-being under plan of care developed by a physician or other licensed health professional and shall be reviewed and revised based on assessment:
1. Require the skills of professional personnel such as registered or licensed practical nurses; 2. Are provided either directly by or under the supervision of these personnel. In determining whether a service is skilled nursing care, the following criteria shall be used: (a) The inherent complexity of a service prescribed for a resident is such that it can be safely and effectively performed only by or under the supervision of professional personnel; (b) The restoration potential of a resident is not the deciding factor in determining whether a service is to be considered skilled or unskilled. Even where full recovery or medical improvement is not possible, skilled care may be needed to prevent, to the extent possible, deterioration of the condition or to sustain current capacities; and (c) A service that is generally unskilled would be considered skilled where, because of special medical complications, its performance or supervision or the observation of the resident necessitates the use of skilled nursing personnel.
Adult Day Care Center Adult Day Care An Adult Day Care Center is a facility or private residence (required to be licensed pursuant to these regulations) which provides care, services and supervision to three or more elderly or disabled adults, who because of diminished mental to physical capacity find it difficult to care for themselves in their own residences during the day. An adult day care center may be located in any building which meets applicable state and local building and safety codes.
Hospice Hospice Hospice offers inpatient medical services on a twenty-four hour basis to ease suffering and guide families through the daily care patients with terminal illness require.
Home Health Agency Home Care A Home Health Agency is any business, entity or organization primarily engaged in providing medically directed acute, restorative, rehabilitative, maintenance, preventive and/or supportive services through professional and/or paraprofessional personnel to a patient/client in the patient/client's residence. This term does not apply to any individual, licensed practitioner providing services within the scope of his/her practice or to any business, entity or organization providing non-medically directed services in a patient/client's place of residence.


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