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Senior And Long Term Care Division
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Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Adult Day Care Adult Day Care “Adult day-care center” means a facility, freestanding or connected to another health care facility, that provides adults, on a regularly scheduled basis, with the care necessary to meet the needs of daily living but that does not provide overnight care.
Adult Foster Care Adult Foster Care “Adult foster care home” means a private home or other facility that offers, except as provided in 50-5-216, only light personal care or custodial care to four or fewer disabled adults or aged persons who are not related to the owner or manager of the home by blood, marriage, or adoption or who are not under the full guardianship of the owner or manager.
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Assisted Living Assisted Living “Assisted living facility” means a congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates personal care, 24-hour supervision and assistance, both scheduled and unscheduled, and activities and health-related services.
Home Health Agencies Home Care Home Health Agencies provide home health services to a persons considered homebound in his/her place of residence for the purposes of postponing or preventing institutionalization: skilled nursing services, home health aide services; physical therapy services; occupational therapy services; speech therapy services; and medical supplies and equipment suitable for use in the home.
Hospice Hospice “Hospice” means a coordinated program of home and inpatient health care that provides or coordinates palliative and supportive care to meet the needs of a terminally ill patient and the patient’s family arising out of physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and economic stresses experienced during the final stages of illness and dying and that includes formal bereavement programs as an essential component.
Long Term Care Facilities Long Term Care “Long-term care facility” means a facility or part of a facility that provides skilled nursing care, residential care, intermediate nursing care, or intermediate developmental disability care to a total of two or more individuals or that provides personal care.
Retirement Homes Independent Living A Retirement Home includes a building or buildings in which separate living accommodations are rented or leased to individuals who use those accommodations as their primary residence.


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