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The Madeline of Decatur

The Madeline of Decatur has been honored for two consecutive years as one of the best facilities for Senior Memory Care in Decatur, GA, by MemoryCare.com.

Located in the heart of Decatur, Georgia, The Madeline of Decatur is a welcoming community that is solely focused on residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. We are 3 miles away from Emory Healthcare and Emory's Integrated Memory Care Clinic – a one-stop-shop for patients with a dementia diagnosis. We provide top-of-the-line, around the clock care to residents in a safe, secure setting that gives families peace of mind.

What Makes The Madeline Unique
• Our community is 100% dedicated to memory care
• Our care partners are all certified nursing assistants (CNAs)
• We customize our care to each resident to promote feelings of pride, dignity, and well-being
• Each day is purposeful and engaging

An Innovative Approach
We use Teepa Snow's GEMS positive approach and engagement based on the individual's current abilities and needs.

In the GEMS model, we focus on seeing the individual as unique and capable, rather than on memory loss. Gemstones are used as a reference to each stage of dementia. Each gemstone helps define the individual's characteristics and the care needed to ensure the best quality of life. Our residents are matched to a gemstone, which may change over time.

More Information
For more information, call The Madeline of Decatur at 404-999-7102
or visit www.themadelinememorycare.com.

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