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Technology increases visibility for senior living communities and care providers


Dallas, TEXAS June 26, 2014: Trying to find the right senior living community can be an overwhelming process for a senior, a family in crisis, care provider,or a healthcare professional. In many circumstances, a traumatic event triggers the need to immediately find quality care for a loved one.  Without easy access to objective information,families may choose the wrong senior living community or service—resulting in negative outcomes for all concerned. To assist communities and care providers in reaching seniors, families and health care professionals, New LifeStyles, the trusted source for senior living options with more than 25 years of experience, has designed a new web site with advanced and comprehensive search capabilities.


The digital technology complements the company’s mobile site/app, print and digital guides, and further demonstrates its dedication to the public and communities as the leading set of free search tools. New LifeStyles is helping to provide users with a wide range of information through a variety of channels to start their search and find the best option for their family. More than 100,000 licensed communities, hospice,rehabilitation services and home care providers are represented in listings from all 50 states, making results objective and comprehensive.


“Hundreds of thousands of families have relied on New LifeStyles over the past 27 years, and we felt obligated to create anew, comprehensive, advanced website with advanced search filters that raises the bar for our industry,” said Doug Fusella, COO and President of New LifeStyles. “We live in a fast-paced world,and senior care providers want to get their message out through all channels,while families, seniors and healthcare professionals need to find the information quickly.”


The site caters to its distinct audiences by offering three portals – seniors/families, professionals, and providers — to help direct users to information based on their needs.  Users can search for senior living and care options based on a city or zip code, and an interactive map greatly assists in pinpointing the locations. In addition, new advanced search tools allow professionals to efficiently narrow down their search and find providers that meet a very specific medical or healthcare need.  Unlike other sites, New LifeStyles is not referral based and provides impartial information.


“Our goal is to greatly improve what currently exists in the marketplace.  We want toempower the communities, care providers and the public,” said Fusella. “I understand how important it is for communities to get their message out and for the public to receive that message. This is our opportunity to set new standards by developing the best search tools available.”


The search results now have expanded URLs,allowing users the option to share their customized searches.  Providers also have the opportunity to share social media links, videos, photos, job opportunities and the site has improved search engine optimization.   


For the on-the-go user, New LifeStyles also offers a free app and mobile site with a geo-mapping system that allows users to see every senior community or health care provider nearby based on a user’s current location.  Each community “pin”is color-coded to identify the community by type and contains links to allow for rapid comparison.


The New LifeStyles print guides are available at many senior centers, hospitals and other public places around the country. The print edition can also be ordered over the phone or online and sent to a family’s home. A digital copy is available online for those wishing to access and share the booklet in real-time.


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New LifeStyles is the ultimate source for senior living options, providing comprehensive, quality information on senior communities and care options. New LifeStyles’ services help seniors make an informed, comfortable decision about their future. In addition, these extensive resources are easily accessible – not only saving users time and money, butalso reducing the frustration of trying to find information from multiple sources, agencies, or organizations. Whether seniors are looking for a nursing,retirement, or assisted living community, home care or something else, NewLifeStyles can help seniors and their loved ones make the best decisions to fit their needs. For more information about New LifeStyles, visit