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Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Home Health Agencies Home Care A Home Health Care Agency covers a broad range of services that are brought to an elderly or disabled person in his or her own home including part-time skilled nursing care, part-time services of home health aides and homemakers; occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition counseling and medical supplies and equipment.
Hospice Hospice Hospice care involves a coordinated program of home, outpatient, and inpatient care and services that are operated by a person or public agency and that provides care and services to Hospice patients, including services as indicated below to Hospice patients' families, through a medically directed interdisciplinary team. Services are offered in order to meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and other special needs that are experienced during the final stages of illness, dying, and bereavement and may include: 
1. Nursing care by or under the supervision of a registered nurse; 
2. Physical, occupational, or speech or language therapy, unless waived by the department of health; 
3. Medical social services by a social worker under the direction of a physician; 
4. Services of a home health aide; 
5. Medical supplies, including drugs and biologicals, and the use of medical appliances; 
6. Physician's services; 
7. Short-term inpatient care, including both palliative and respite care and procedures; 
8. Counseling for hospice patients and hospice patients' families; 
9. Services of volunteers under the direction of the provider of the hospice care program; 
10. Bereavement services for hospice patients' families.
Nursing Homes Nursing A Nursing Home is used for the reception and care of elderly or disabled individuals who by reason of illness or physical or mental impairment require skilled nursing care and of individuals who require personal care services but not skilled nursing care. A Nursing Home is licensed to provide personal care services and skilled nursing care.
Residential Care Facilities Residential A facility that meets the definition of Assisted Living Facility but which is specially licensed and staffed to permit it to care for residents with a degree of cognitive impairment that would ordinarily make them ineligible for admission or continued stay in an assisted living facility.

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