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Cabinet for Health Services
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State Commission on Aging
Types of Housing/Care Search Definitions
Assisted Living Communities Assisted Living
Assisted Living Facilities provide services that offer assistance to the elderly with the activities of daily living.
Affordable Senior Housing Affordable Senior Housing HUD 202 Program that offers rental assistance for seniors who meet the requirements of the federal program.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Community A Continuing Care Retirement Community provides, on the same campus, a continuum of residential living options and support services to senior persons sixty years of age or older under a written agreement. The residential living options include independent living units, nursing home beds, and either assisted living units or personal care beds. The Office of Aging Services certifies continuing Care Retirement Communities.
Day Health Care Adult Day Care Day Health Care provides services that offer physical care, social interaction, and recreation for adults who need supervised care for only a portion of the day.
Home Health Agencies Home Care Home Health Agencies/Services are intermittent professional and para-professional services provided by various disciplines through licensed and certified home health agencies in the patient`s home of residence, based on eligibility criteria. A Home Health Agency is a public agency or private organization, or a subdivision of such an agency or organization which is licensed as a home health agency by the Kentucky Health Facilities and Health Services Certificate of Need and Licensure Board and is certified to participate as a home health agency under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. Home Health Care involves care and treatment provided by a Home Health Agency which is prescribed and supervised by a physician. The care and treatment shall include but not be limited to one or more of the following:
1. Part-time or intermittent skilled nursing services provided by an advanced registered nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse;
2. Physical, respiratory, occupational, or speech therapy;
3. Home health aide services;
4. Medical appliances and equipment, drugs and medication, and laboratory services, to the extent that such items and services would have been covered under the policy if the covered person had been in a hospital.
Mobile Health Services
Home Care
Mobile health services provide medical services in various locations and in some instances utilize a specially equipped vehicle such as a van, trailer or mobile home. These services include mobile diagnostic imaging and examination services, mobile treatment services, and any other medical or dental services provided through the use of a mobile vehicle or performed at various locations.
Nursing Pool Home Care "Nursing pool" includes nurses, nursing assistants, nurses' aides, orderlies, certified medical technicians, and any other nursing related professions whose employment is in compliance with applicable federal and state statutes and administrative regulations.
Personal Service Agencies Home Care Personal Services include in-home, attendant type care intended to help people meet their day-to-day activities, and live safely and independently. Personal services do not include medical, nursing or other health-related services.
Hospice Hospice Hospice is a program of supportive services, including skilled nursing services, to meet the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of terminally ill persons and their families.
Long Term Care/Intermediate Care Facility Nursing Intermediate care facilities are establishments with permanent facilities including inpatient beds. Services provided include twenty-four (24) hour supervision of patients, services including physician, nursing, pharmaceutical, personal care, activities and residential services. Patients in an intermediate care facility must have a physical or mental condition that requires intermittent nursing services along with continuous supervision of the activities of daily living.
Long Term Care/Nursing Facilities Nursing Nursing Facility are inpatient health care facilities that provide nursing and personal care over an extended period of time (usually more than thirty days) for people who require convalescent care at a level which is less than that provided in an acute facility and/or for chronically ill, elderly or disabled individuals.
Long Term Care/Personal Care Nursing Personal Care provides services to help elderly or disabled residents to achieve and maintain good personal hygiene including but not limited to: assistance with bathing, shaving, cleaning and trimming of fingernails and toenails, cleaning of the mouth and teeth, washing, grooming and cutting of hair. A Personal Care Home provides social and recreational activities to: stimulate physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent; encourage and develop a sense of usefulness and self respect; prevent, inhibit or correct the development of symptoms of physical and mental regression due to illness or old age; and be of sufficient variety that they meet the needs of the various types of residents in the home. Personal Care Homes admit only persons who are sixteen years of age or older and who are ambulatory or mobile non-ambulatory and whose care needs do not exceed the capability of the home. Persons who are non-ambulatory or non-mobile shall not be eligible for admission to a personal care home.
Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Nursing Skilled nursing facilities are establishments with permanent facilities including inpatient beds. Services provided include medical services, and continuous nursing services to provide treatment for patients. Patients in a skilled nursing facility are patients who require inpatient care but are not in an acute phase of illness, and who currently require primarily convalescent or rehabilitative services and have a variety of medical conditions.

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