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Sunnyside Assisted Living Home

2615 E Vista Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Senior Care Services

Category: Assisted Living
Capacity: 29 Beds
License/Certification: #AL6959H - Assisted Living/Shared Housing

Thank you for your interest in Sunnyside Assisted Living Home. As an assisted living facility in Illinois, the residences are designed for seniors who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require around the clock care. Staff works with residents daily to improve health and motivate residents to participate in activities. Residents are given a level of independence to get involved in the community as often as they would like to. These programs and amenities at the Sunnyside Assisted Living Home are available to all residents.

For special care requests speak directly with Sunnyside. Learn more about assisted living in Arizona with New LifeStyles below. 

Please call 602-626-8257 and tell your care representative, "I found you at New LifeStyles!"

More Information on Assisted Living in Arizona

The state of Arizona defines an assisted living facility as a residential care institution, including an adult foster care home, that provides or contracts to provide supervisory care services, personal care services or directed care services on a continuous basis. For more details please visit our page on state licensing for senior communities in Arizona.

The average cost of residence in an assisted living facility in Phoenix is around $3,500 a month according to a Genworth survey. Monthly costs can be as low as $2,000 a month or as high as $6,000 a month depending upon the facility and level of care required. Contact Sunnyside for more information on costs associated with care. 

Selecting an assisted living residence for you or your loved one requires extensive research and thought. Finding a residence that provides top rate care along with your desired amenities will take time. At New LifeStyles, we know deciding to explore assisted living options may be one of the toughest decisions or conversations you or your loved one may need to make. If you are having trouble deciding, read more about the 3 signs that it may be time to consider senior living to help guide you in the process.

How we Help Find the Ideal Assisted Living Residence for You

New LifeStyles is “The Source for Seniors”, providing comprehensive and quality information on senior residences and care options. We work with local service providers to ensure seniors and family members are able to research and learn about their care options prior to selecting a residence or care center.

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