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19191 Harvard Ave
Irvine, CA 92612

Independent Living for Seniors at Regents Point

Thank you for your interest in Regents Point of Irvine, CA. . Independent senior living community in California, provide aging seniors with a comfortable residence, free from the burdens of maintenance and typical property upkeep required when living in your own home. The goal is for residents to preserve their independence but live within a community of similar aging adults that provide support and friendship. The main difference between independent living communities and other senior living centers is the level of care and medical support offered to residents. If you our your loved one require care and assistance for your daily activities, you may want to seek out information on assisted living or nursing home facilities in the area.

More Information on Independent Living in California

Selecting an independent living community can be a tough decision when looking towards the future. Many communities have waiting lists and securing government assistance when available, can require time and effort. It is best to think ahead and research to see if an independent living facility is the right decision. Learn more about the differences between independent living and assisted living with New LifeStyles.

How we Help Find the Perfect Independent Living Community for You

New LifeStyles is “The Source for Seniors”, providing comprehensive and quality information on senior residences and care options. We work with local service providers to ensure seniors and family members are able to research and learn about their care options without leaving the comfort of their home. Find information on senior living with New LifeStyles.

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