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Arbor Terrace of Morris Plains is providing seniors the best option for senior living and memory care in beautiful Morris Plains.
At Arbor Terrace, we extend a wholehearted welcome to seniors who expect more from their next living experience. We invite you to explore your wish list and join the adventure that each day holds. Or maybe just relax and enjoy the great company and outstanding amenities. Arbor Terrace offers a truly unique lifestyle full of memorable new experiences and a refreshing sense of freedom. Where will your wish list begin?
Life and Care that Meet You Where You Are
Arbor Senior Living
Our Senior Living program is designed to provide care at the level you need, from minimal assistance to comprehensive care. It’s the perfect choice for most seniors looking for just the right amount of care and assistance to supplement—not completely change—the lifestyle you love.
For seniors with early-stage dementia and memory loss, Bridges is a unique place that opens pathways to hope at a time when many see doors closing and locking. A dedicated neighborhood at Arbor Terrace, Bridges offers the perfect amount of support and the right types of activities in a place where residents are surrounded with others in similar stages of memory loss. This results in less isolation and more comfort—both for families and their loved ones.
Evergreen Memory Care
The specially-designed Evergreen Memory Care neighborhood provides 24-hour support for seniors with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Featuring completely individualized care programs, specialist attention, tempting nutritional options and even counseling and support for family members, the Evergreen program is driven by the latest research and understanding of memory loss and backed by our extensive experience and training.
We are experts in the field of memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of dementia. In fact, our rigorously trained staff engages in all levels of dementia. We understand the physiological changes that occur in the brain, so we equip our entire staff with the skills to interact positively with people experiencing memory loss. The results are individualized programs proven to improve quality of life. We work tirelessly to create joy-filled routines based on your preferences with each day planned around making meaningful moments. 
Unique to Arbor, our expert teams work with both residents and families to understand and proactively address cognitive decline. We believe education is vital, both for our staff and your family members. So our signature family support groups help loved ones personally understand the effects of memory loss. At Arbor, you are never alone.
And at Arbor Terrace, we ensure everyone has a place at the table. Our award-winning Dining with Dignity® program is a nationally recognized food preparation method that allows our Memory Care residents to continue enjoying meaningful dining experiences regardless of physical or cognitive ability. For many, Dining with Dignity provides satisfaction much deeper than the love and warmth of a handcrafted meal.
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