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Equipped with not only certified staff, but loving and friendly staff. Our certified caregivers have years and years of experience working with seniors alike and provide ASR with amazing talent and compassion for seniors. Our upper management Sam and Cheryl have extensive experience working with elderly patients and have truly raised the bar for assisted living near Anthem AZ. “Anyone can attempt to replicate a successful business, but this doesn’t mean you’re getting the best” Cheryl says. It takes experience and true love for what we do to create the un-duplicateable. Cheryl and Sam are hands on in the everyday functions of ASR and maintain a certain standard of quality control to ensure that if there is ever a time we can improve our service they find it and implement it on the spot! Cheryl and Sam maintain a servant leadership attitude that has made Anthem Senior Retreat the Best choice for Assisted Living in Arizona.

The Home

Anthem Senior Retreat, is a luxury yet comfortable 6,000+ sqft single level Assisted Living Retirement Home conveniently located in Anthem, AZ. It is equipped with  10 suites and 7 bathrooms, call paging system and everything is handicapped accessible. We have a beautiful bird aviary that our seniors come to love and always have our 4 legged friends visit. The garden out back provides us with seasonal fresh herbs and overall the grounds provide plenty of space to walk and unwind.

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